8 thoughts on “P61 – Devaux

  1. You mentioned that you were unable to conduct a restriction digest test, what does that do in regards to differentiating the phages?

    1. Restriction digests from different phage can be compared to see if theres any similarities or differences in the pattern left by the DNA sequence. Similarities could mean they are close on the family tree while differences indicate mutations

    1. We think it may have been from continuous contamination with other outside phage in our materials such as the agar gel or the buffer used

  2. Do you have any thoughts about what concentrations the dilutions would be in your future experiments.

    1. Im unsure exactly what your question is asking but in the future we will continue to preform 4 1:10 dilutions and but the true concentration could not be found without creating a lysate with high phage concentration and calculating the titer

    1. Unfortunately we did not really get to make that choice to study multiple different phage, we just failed to properly isolate a single strain without experiencing continuous contamination of / inability to remove the other strains

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