4 thoughts on “P60 – Rau

  1. Are there pros and cons to a phage undergoing the lytic or lysogenic cycle for phage therapy?

    1. A phage used for phage therapy must be lytic because once it enters the host cell it will begin viral replication immediately and begin to kill the bacteria host. Lysogenic phages cannot be used because they integrate their viral genome into the host where it will often linger until after the bacteria has replicated. So not only does a lysogenic phage not begin to treat a bacterial infection until much later than a lytic phage, but by using a lysogenic phage you’ve introduced a virus to an already sick individual which could compromise them even further. Thank you for watching.

  2. What method of treatment (used alone to treat, or used along with another substance) would be best for your lytic phage?

    1. The phage I isolated is a lysogenic phage and typically lysogenic phages are not used for phage therapy. However, it would be interesting to research how effective lysogenic phages are compared to lytic phages in the treatment of bacterial infections. Research could also be conducted to determine if the lysogenic phage I isolated could be potent in a phage cocktail, a treatment comprised of many types of phages.

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