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    1. Hi Judie! I think you might be thinking of DNA. We did not measure protein products in this experiment, however we did measure isolated DNA which was run on a gel. The gel showed weak DNA presence, and this may just have been because of complications in the process of isolating the phage DNA.

    1. The purpose of this would be to see if we can mutate our phage as mutated bacteriophage may be able to kill mutated bacteria.

    1. Hi Jazmine! We did not isolate our phage ourselves, however we were able to ascertain that it was found through a process known as enrichment of a soil sample. From there we can assume the phage strain was further isolated through the use of plaque assays and plaque streaks.

  1. Why weren’t you able to isolate your own phage, what condition are best for collecting phages.

  2. Hi Shaun! We were not able to isolate our own phage simply because the samples we plated did not yield phage plaques. We repeated the process of enrichment of soil samples to find phage many times, and we thought that one of these enrichments resulted in plaques, however as we moved through further experiments we were not able to continue making plaques with this sample on our plaques streaks. Because of this it was decided that we should continue the rest of the experiments using an adopted, unsequenced phage. Phage can be found essentially anywhere, however they are most easily found in damp soil by vegetation.

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