9 thoughts on “P62 – Chen

  1. Why does the fact that the phage is in the lytic life cycle mean it is a good candidate for phage therapy?

    1. The lytic life cycle makes the phage a good candidate for phage therapy because when the bacterial cell lyses, the phages that were constructed within that host are released and spread to infect other hosts. This is much more effective compared to a phage in the lysogenic cycle. A phage in the lysogenic cycle integrates its genome into the bacterial genome, but it does not construct new phages or lyse the cell.

    1. Since the DNA is low quality, we are not able to run further experiments like a restriction digest or a PCR which are DNA based. The DNA was damaged during isolation, so the bad quality will not yield meaningful results for other experiments.

  2. Do you think that the tools used to isolate the DNA could’ve caused the contamination?

    1. No, we think there was airborne contaminate that contaminated our agar plates when trying to calculate the titer of our high titer lysate. We determined that our lysate was most likely pure after EM pictures showed only one type of phage which means our DNA was pure, just highly degraded.

    1. Burst size indicates how far phages that are lysed out of the bacterial host travel. While you don’t know how many phages burst out of a cell without looking closer (like an EM picture), a large burst size is a good indicator that the phage has high lytic efficiency.

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