9 thoughts on “P111 – Stone

  1. You mention a whole lot of different tests and techniques performed while isolating the phage, in your opinion what was the most challenging or technically difficult tests or technique you performed?

    1. For me the most challenging part of this process was the restriction digest. It was quite time consuming to create samples with each individual enzyme, and we ended up puncturing one of the wells as we were loading using a pipette which caused us to have to restart.

  2. On your quality control gel for your isolated DNA, what indicated the DNA quality was poor?

    1. What indicated low quality on our quality control gel was that the bands were quite streaky, which means they deteriorated and indicated low quality.

    2. When we analyze the results of our quality control gel, our was quite streaky which indicated that the DNA was deteriorating and of lower quality

    1. To isolate the DNA, we used a mixture of enzymes to break down the protein and lipid components of the phage capsid, leaving the DNA intact

    1. Our DNA deteriorated during our quality control gel due to streaks that were visible, not solid bands as they should have been.

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