8 thoughts on “P113 – Newman

  1. How would you go about sequencing the entire genome to check for clusters? would the procedure be the same just a bigger scale?

    1. Sequencing a genome is a slightly different procedure. DNA would still need to be isolated and checked to make sure it is high quality and quantity, but then one of the many different sequencing techniques would be used. Most likely, Nanopore technology would be used because it is the cheapest and mostly accurate. Nanopore uses an artificial membrane to detect the slightly different currents released when different bases cross the membrane. The sequence can then be analyzed and based on the similarity to phage DNA in known groups, the group can be determined.

  2. Are there any other methods to determine whether Teretari is in the K4 cluster?

    1. Restriction digest and PCR with group primers are the main methods of prediction. However, the only way to completely guarantee a group prediction is to sequence the entire genome.

  3. Do temperate phages such as Terretari have any use in clinical settings or must they simply be dismissed?

    1. Temperate phages can be used as markers for bacteria. Also, it is possible to repress the genes that cause the phage to enter the lysogenic cycle making it functionally lytic. However, given the quantity of phages in the database, it is unlikely that would need to be done.

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