10 thoughts on “P66 – Gupta

  1. How would you safely use this phage in future experiments if it doesn’t seem to work? Would the person be put at risk if the phage didn’t seize the bacteria?

    1. The first thing we would do is to find out which cluster the phage belongs to.
      The person would not be at risk from the phage because bacteriophages can only bind to and infect bacteria.

  2. Really enjoyed this! I was wondering what additional experimentations would have to be done before using this phage in humans? Surely there is more studies that need to be done prior to exposing a human to a potentially dangerous bacteria?

    1. It needs to be confirmed that the phage doesn’t bind to and infect the healthy bacteria in the human body.

  3. Given your results, do you think your phage could be used in the treatment of tuberculosis?

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