8 thoughts on “P67 – Keenan

  1. Do you think that completing another gel electrophoresis for the digestion would possibly lead to better results?

    1. Yes, I think repeating the steps to Phage DNA isolation and gel electrophoresis may give better results.

  2. I really enjoyed watching your presentation! I was hoping to learn a little more about how you know which type of phage will be able to kill the specific bacteria from an infection?

    1. Thank you! With our processes, we used the bacterial host of the type of bacteriophage we wanted to isolate. From this, we were able to get plaques on our plate that showed that these bacteriophages were infecting this host.

  3. Would the lytic nature of you phage make it a better candidate for potential use in phage therapy?

    1. Yes it would. This is because when a phage is in the lytic cycle it kills the bacterial host pretty quickly. If the phage was in the lysogenic cycle it would need to be induced into the lytic cycle in order to kill the bacteria.

  4. What would the restriction digest and phage cluster PCR experiments tell you about your phage?

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