6 thoughts on “P117 – Traynor

  1. Hi! How were you able to purify the Phage? Also, what are the methods regarding the plaque assay? I thought you did an awesome job and had a really cool presentation!

    1. We purified it using serial dilutions, and to conduct the plaque assay we picked our plaque and used M.smeg bacteria and top agar to mix the plaque/phage buffer solution.

    1. I thought it was a fun name, and it was inspired by the song “Teach me how to dougie”

  2. Great presentation! Do you think there is promise in using bacteriophages to treat bacterial infections or as a substitute from antibiotics?

    1. I think from the research our entire lab found i think that it is a very real possibility, as they have be shown to be very effective in treating bacterial infections with seemingly no cure.

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