3 thoughts on “P66 – Whalen

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Great poster presentation! I really enjoyed how organized your poster was as well your use of familiar terms when describing the differences between the lytic and lysogenic cycles of phages.

    One question that I have for you is what is a PCR and how is it used for a restriction digestion experiment?

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I thought the poster and the presentation overall was great. I really liked how you organized you poster. It was very easy to follow along with what they are saying. I thought your description of the conclusion to your figures was very concise but also full of knowledge which was very nice.

    One question is Why is another reason the lytic lifecycle is important to phage therapy?

  3. Why would you need to do a PCR experiment on the phage DNA to predict what cluster your phage belonged to?

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