6 thoughts on “P12 – Halterman

  1. This was a great presentation! What techniques/methods were used in order to isolate the specific phage DNA?

    1. Thank you for such a great question! The process of DNA isolation was done using DNA wizards which allow only denatured phage proteins to drip through, therefore collecting exclusively phage DNA from our samples.

  2. Heyyy Lauren, loved your presentation. You said that this process of matching phages to the infected bacteria is completed much faster with databases like this one. How is the process done differently otherwise?

    1. Hi Taryn, thank you:) The process of matching phage to infected bacteria is completed much more efficiently when phage are characterized into databases such as this one, making it easier to identify cluster similarities and lytic vs. lysogenic lifecycles. All things that are important in finding the right match.

  3. Hello, you did a great job on your presentation! I wanted to ask how you differentiate your phage from the other things? How do you tell what each cluster does?

    1. Hi Payton! We were able to characterize our phage because of its shape, size, and clarity. Lytic phage are clear and more definitive than temperate.

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