6 thoughts on “P120 – Slimbarski

  1. I really enjoyed listening to your presentation, it was clear, concise, and extremely informative. In the end, you were going into detail about further tests that could be run on your phage and I was wondering if you were to run those experiments what would you expect and would these results line up with what you found in this research?

    1. A specific experiment I would like to run would be testing the growth rate/fitness of my phage and I would expect that the phage would have a high growth rate but it could not.

  2. What led you to change the dilutions between your plates during the methods of your research? What outcome did you hope to have by making this change?

    1. We changed the dilution between plates during purification so we would be able to have a small enough number of individual plaques that we could individually count them in order to calculate the titer of our high titer lysate.

  3. Wonderful presentation, it was engaging and provided amazing background information. I was wondering how did two bacterial phages come to be in figure four?

    1. I am actually not too sure but I assume it was there during our last round of purification where we tried to isolate a phage but we didn’t notice it before continuing on to the rest of our experiments and that’s when it became more noticeable.

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