5 thoughts on “P121 – Pham

  1. What does a high phage titer indicate and how does that make Phage munchies a good candidate for Phage theraoy?

    1. The more active a phage is in vitro, the more likely it will be able to combat bacterial infections in an effective manner.

  2. How did you determine that the phage was lytic, and what does that mean for the phage? What further research should be done to determine the ability for this phage to successfully treat antibiotic resistant bacteria?

    1. The phage was lytic due to its plaques’ appearance of a clear M.smeg lawn, on the agar plate.

  3. Why are lytic phages preferred, what makes it different? The conclusion kind of cut out, what are the potential benefits of moving forward with using this phage, do certain biological factors make it a good potential alternative?

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