8 thoughts on “P122 – Dempsey

  1. Was the EM image you obtained what you were expecting? Did you think this is what the phage was going to look like since you identified this was a lytic phage?

    1. Hey Abby! We didn’t really have any expectation regarding the morphology of our phage. Whether a phage is lytic or temperate does not necessarily tell you the structure of the phage.

    1. Hey Roxanne! One method would be to administer the phage intravenously and serially to help counter the immune response.

    1. Hey Jack! I’m not really sure whether I’ll continue this work. There is a Phage Genomics Lab II that focuses more on bioinformatics and genome annotation. The class looks interesting, and I may take it down the line. However, I’m probably done looking at this particular phage, which is a bummer because we never got to the restriction digest and PCR experiments.

  2. Are phages that common where you can just go to any patch of dirt and screen it for phages?

    1. Hey Sante! Yeah, phages are pretty common to where they can be found in dirt and water. Although, sometimes you have to repeat the enrichment process multiple times because of the absence of plaques. We were pretty fortunate because we only had to do the enrichment process once. But yeah, phages are everywhere.

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