4 thoughts on “P123 – Levy

  1. Hi Aaron! loved the poster 🙂

    what makes your phage siphoviridae? Are there any advantages to this type of morphology in comparison to others? (For example, myoviriade)

    1. Thank you! Siphoviridae typically have longer, more flexible tails than Myoviriade which are characteristics that my phage had. Im not quite sure if there is an advantage to the Siphoviridae’s difference in morphology, however, I do know that Siphoviridae alter tail structure when infecting a host pathogen while myoviridae involve tail contraciton so they do have slightly different process’s when infection a host.

    1. Yes, the large plaque size’s are due to our phage being in high concentration and them having a large phage diffusion rate, allowing them to undergo their lifestyle in the M. Smeg bacteria at a quicker rate and across a wider radius.

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