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  1. Were the results of your PCR / high titer lysate non-conclusive? /Why did you choose not to use them on your poster

  2. What exactly is a high titer lysate and why was it important to create for the research?

  3. How do you suggest furthering research on the phage? Would it relate to some of the general testings like PCR or high titer lysate.

  4. PCR was not conducted because our quality control gel which is a type of gel electrophoresis was inconclusive because there was neither a high quality or high quantity of DNA collected.

    A lysate is a solution that contains phage DNA. The titer of the lysate indicates how much plaque forming units and thus concentration of phage are in the solution. High titer lysates are used so that phages can be researched further, archived, or be used to reproduce more copies of that particular species of phage microbes. We did create a high titer lysate for which the titer was calculated as 4.4×10^11 pfu/mL. This means that for every mL of solution 4.4×10^11 plaques of phage can be created potentially.

    Thank you!

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