6 thoughts on “P71 – Shanks

    1. The two different types of plaques represent the two different types of phage; temperate and lytic. The reason the lytic plaques don’t have the cloudy edges are because lytic phage kill all the bacteria in the plaque while the temperate phage may enter the lysogenic life cycle, keeping some of the bacteria alive resulting in the cloudy edges. I hope that answers your question, if I misunderstood, I’d be happy to respond again!

    1. Since our electron microscopy image did not come back with any phage species other than the hypothesized O cluster, it is really difficult to make a prediction about our other phage species. Going off of the plaques alone, we can hypothesize it is a temperate phage but we cannot make any further predictions at the moment.

  1. What’s the main difference between the two different phages and how do you decide what’s which?

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