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  1. If you could find a way to treat cattle to not pass down tuberculosis could that to other paused mutations in the animals humans eat?

    1. Hi Liv! I’m sorry, but I’m having some trouble understanding your question. Could you state it again please?

  2. Are there any other infections in agriculture/livestock that phage therapy could be useful for other than cattle?

    1. Hello Shiau-Tau! I did not look at any other specific infections within livestock, but I do know that phage therapy can help with reducing the use of antibiotics in general. Phage therapy can be used with any bacterial infection where a phage is known to infect it.

    2. Hello Shiau-Tau! I did not look at any other specific infections, but I do know that, in general, phage therapy can be used with any bacterial infection with a known bacteriophage that infects it. In addition, phage therapy can be used to reduce the use of antibiotics.

  3. How is it that due to the concentration of DNA not being high enough it inhibits using your phage for future experiments?

    1. That is a great question! I am not 100% sure, but I think it is because it means the quality isn’t good enough. Since it didn’t show up in our quality control gel, it probably won’t show up in future experiments such as a restriction digest.

  4. How could you increase the concentration or mitigate the loss of DNA in your phage so that it could be used in further experiments?

    1. We performed our quality control gel right at the end of lab time, but if we had more time it would be possible to re perform DNA isolation and how the DNA is more concentrated. I’m not sure if there is anything we could do to actually increase the concentration after isolation.

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