7 thoughts on “P127 – Schlegel

  1. If the phage was not found to be in a phage lytic life cycle but instead a lysogenic cycle, what would the next step in the experiment be?

    1. As long as temperate phages were the only type present, then I would continue on with the experiment (serial dilutions, etc)

    2. It would not matter as long as that is the only type of phage present. I would continue with the experiments as I had done with the lytic phage.

  2. Do you believe that any error that you had made a significant impact on your results and the future conclusions that you can draw about if the phage will be able to attack other bacteria?

    1. I do not believe any error had significant impact, we did not get far enough in the experiments to classify what cluster it was in.

  3. What would sequencing and finding the Open Reading Frames allow for you to do in the future and could they have an effect on medicine?

    1. I believe it could, by modifying the DNA and allowing it to work for different bacteria.

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