6 thoughts on “P74 – Biswas

    1. I suppose there’s a few reasons!

      1. I want to be an astrobiologist and work on the artemis mission- i love our moon ๐Ÿ™‚
      2. The Isometric almost circular head of the phage looks quite a lot like the moon!
      3. Its my nickname!

    1. Hello! So basically a restriction digest is the incubation of the target DNA molecule with restriction enzymes – enzymes that recognize and bind specific DNA sequences and cleave at specific nucleotides either within the recognition sequence or outside of the recognition sequence. In this case- with the phage’s DNA.

  1. Based on its morphology and plaque characteristics, what cluster would your predict your phage is in?

    1. In terms of characteristics, plaques and temperate nature- I am inclined to think it is an A2 siphoviridae phage, however due to the long tail, I think it’s an adjacent phage in A cluster.

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