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    1. High titer lysate is basically the concentration of the lysate the was collected from the web pattern plate from our serial dilutions from purification.

  1. You said human error was present in the experiment. How would the experiment be modified if it were to be run again to mitigate the human error?

    1. The error was first identified when running the PCR and the controls weren’t showing along with the ladder. So in this case, we didn’t know what was being done incorrectly since it happened each time. Trying different primers could be the best idea to be ran that may have different results in this experiment.

    1. When a phage is lytic, then there is rapid growth of the phage infecting the bacteria. Lytic is usually clear plaques and is usually favored.

  2. What is the difference between a lytic and a temperate phage? Is one better for phage therapy?

    1. Phages that replicate only through the lytic cycle are lytic phages while phages that replicate with both lytic and lysogenic cycles are temperate phages. Usually lytic is favored and are clear while temperate are cloudy plaques on plates; you can clearly see if a plaque is lytic or temperate.

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