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  1. If in the future you determine the temperature range it can make plaques in what does this mean for antibiotic resistance or what the phage’s properties are?

    1. By looking at the plaques KrabbiPatti can make at different temperatures we would be able to conclude if our phage is even applicable for phage therapy. If it cannot form plaques at body temperature we would know it would be unusable in phage therapy. Further experimentation would be needed to determine the connection between temperature range and antibiodic resistance and the properties.

  2. By studying your bacteriophages sensitivity to temperature, how would this be beneficial in further studying your bacteriophage? and what is the desired result in this research?

    1. By studying the temperature range we can further determine if our phage is able to be used in phage therapy. If it cannot form plaques at body temperature, we then know that it cannot be used. The desired result would be a wide temperature range at body temperature which can be used in phage therapy.

  3. Great presentation! I am curious did you observe any characteristics of your phage that may have suggested another classification?

    1. We did not observe any characteristics of the phage that suggest another classification but inorder to fully determine the cluster our phage needs to be sequenced so it is possible!

  4. KrabbiPatti is a cute name for the phage. On what range of temperatures, like warm or cool temperatures, do you think KrabbiPatti will be more sensitive to and how will that data help you in your research in the future?

    1. There is no experiments regarding the temperature so there is no data which affects the temperature. Temperature phages are low temperatures are found to go into the lytic life cycle at high temperatures but remain temperature at low temperatures. Our phage is lytic so there is limited research so there is no prediction that can be accurately predicted from prior data. By obtaining data about the temperatures KrabbiPatti can form plaques at we would be able to further see if this phage would be applicable for phage therapy to see if our phage can form plaques at body temperature. If it cannot, our phage would not even be considered for phage therapy.

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