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  1. What does it mean when a cluster belongs to a B2 cluster? Is that a good or a bad thing?

    1. A phage belonging to a B2 cluster means that our phage shares 70% of its genome with other phages categorized in the B2 cluster, therefore it is a good thing that we discovered what cluster our phage belongs to because then our phage can easily be compared to these other phages without having to compare their entire genomes. However, there is not one cluster that is better than another, but it is important to find phages in rarer clusters and the less rare clusters are clusters A and B, which have more known phages.

  2. Great poster presentation, how does your research findings have importance in our day to day lives?

    1. My research finding is the discovery of a new phage which can be used in many aspects of day-to-day life, but not directly. Phages can be used for antibiotic resistant bacteria in the process of phage therapy, to decontaminate food products helping with agricultural techniques, and with vaccines because phages can detect pathogens and use gene trafficking to kill potential viruses.

  3. Nice job! How do clusters such as B2 and B4 differentiate themselves and why is it important if they are all part of the same species of bacteriophage?

    1. Phages categorized into the B cluster will potentially share 50% of their genomes, but once you get into the subclusters the phages will share 70%of their genome. Therefore, the differentiation between the clusters happens because of the primers used in PCR which will be different for B2 clustered phages and B4 clustered phages. It is important to differentiate between the subclusters in order to make sure that the phages are more comparable than if the phages were left in the main clusters with the 50% similarity.

  4. Nice job? How are clusters such as B2 and B4 different from each other and why is it important if the clusters both contain the same species of bacteriophage?

  5. What is the difference between a B2 and B4 cluster, and are any of them preferable over the other?

    1. My answer is going to be very similar to my answers above but, the difference between a B2 and B4 cluster is that these are both subclusters of the B cluster and the major difference between the two is the primers that are used for PCR. I do not know if the B2 or B4 cluster is more preferable, but phages in the B cluster are primarily used to understand the evolution of pathogenicity and to transfer genes from one organism to another, which I think is important for healthcare and other important aspects of live like agriculture.

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