8 thoughts on “P133 – Mahoney

  1. Were the soil samples used collected individually or were they provided by the lab coordinator?

    1. Hi Adam! The soil sample was collected individually, my sample was from (39.9950838, -105.2868905) near Chautauqua Trail, Boulder, CO 80302, under a rock on the side of the trail.

  2. On your poster, it was noted that 6 different restriction enzymes were loaded onto the gel in your experiment. What were these different enzymes and why were they chosen for use in your experiment?

    1. Hi Kayla, the restriction enzymes used were BamHI, Clal, EcoRI, HaeII, HindIII, and Sall. These were the enzymes that the instructors provided for us.

  3. I think this was a great presentation! You mentioned genetically modifying a temperate phage for use in phage therapy at one point, do you know what genetic modifications would be performed in that situation?

    1. Hi Nathan, yes, the integrase and repressor proteins would be removed to prevent the phage DNA from being integrated into the host’s genome.

  4. Do you guys need to isolate the virus from the soil or just test as is. If so, how do you guys do the process of removing the soil and separating the virus?

    1. Hi John, yes, the phage is isolated from a soil using an enrichment process, where LB Media and M Smeg bacteria are added to the sample and incubated before it is filtered and a plaque assay is performed.

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