5 thoughts on “P136 – Knott

  1. Aris Wertin (since my WP account doesn’t reflect this): What are some of the limitations of your conclusion? Can you tell me more about what those different “clusters” mean?

    1. Phages are placed into different clusters based on their nucleotide sequences, and are grouped for research purposes as phages in similar clusters have similar characteristics and effectiveness against bacteria. A potential limitation could be that we could have validated our cluster’s confidence by comparing our phage to more clusters.

  2. Are temperate phages used in phage therapy currently or are only the lytic phages used? Great job on your presentation!

    1. Thank you! Temperate phages are used in phage therapy, but much less often than lytic phages as their effects are less predictable and may last longer.

    2. Thank you! Temperate phages can be used in phage therapy, but they are not used as often because their effects last longer, and they can be less predictable.

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