8 thoughts on “P137 – Kravets

  1. You mentioned having good quality and quantity for one of your results what does that mean?

    1. For bands found on the gel electrophoresis they have good quality and quantity (good color and compacted)

  2. Did the soil from outside Porter being frozen alter this experiment in any way?

  3. Do the cluster groups N and A determine whether the phage is lytic/temperate? If so, how?

    1. The phage was determine as temperate throughout morphology notes in the experiments, the cluster groups helps identify similar phages.

  4. What indications did you see within your phage that gives the possibility that genetically modifying your phage means it would take on/ include a lytic cycle? Or is this something any phage that does not have a lytic cycle can undergo?

    1. According to the figures shown from a plaque assay, it was determined that the species followed a temperate lifecycle because it had a clear center (display of lysing), and a halo around which demonstrated the lysogenic portion of the phage

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