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    1. I would’ve definitely run another quality control gel because unfortunately we ran out of time and were unable to produce a proper quality control gel. Having a good quality quality control gel would have solidified the quality and quantity of the hitter because it was such a high concentration.

  1. It may help to put an introduction instead of going right into the methods- what exactly is a phage, what does it do, and why can it be used for drug development?

    1. Conducting phage isolation and sequencing research like this is really important because of the host-specific nature of bacteriophage. Because a phage can only infect specific type of bacterial pathogens it is important to find bacteriophage that can fight all different types of bacterial pathogenic infections.

  2. What about your bacteriophage being lytic makes it a good candidate for bacteriophage therapy?

    1. Because once they infect the host cell they begin replication and assembling Immediately. Because of this they kill the bacteria faster that a temperate bacteriophage.

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