6 thoughts on “P142 – Beckham

  1. Great presentation, very informative. Do you have any hypotheses as to why the phages are so comparably small?

    1. Small compared to what? Or are you talking about the plaque size. In which case, my hypothesis is that the tail length makes it take a really long time to inject DNA and proteins into a host cell, which decreases the efficiency of infection and multiplication.

  2. How does the siphoviridae morphology and cluster affect how the phage acts and lives?

    1. I do not believe the morphology and cluster effects how the bacteriophage lives. The tail length may make it less efficient to infect host cells, but that’s just my personal hypothesis to explain the plaque size.

  3. Great poster! Why is the size of the plaques so important and how would you personally carry out inspecting why they were so small?

    1. The size of the plaques would be important if this phage was to be used in patients as it points to the phage taking a long time to kill bacteria, which wouldn’t be ideal in healing a patient. In order to inspect why the plaques were small, I’d make an experiment that would compare the size of the plaques made by genetically similar phages but with longer and shorter tails than this one.

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