8 thoughts on “P149 – White

  1. Hi, White. Fantastic presentation! What do you think is the future potential of your phage? Is that future potential impacted based on whether it’s a temperate or lytic phage?

  2. Very interesting results. You mention that there was not ample time to determine possibly related phages. How long do you think you would need to find related phages?

    1. Honestly I feel like I might need about a few weeks with a lab partner to comb through the data and determine the related phage.

  3. I really like your poster! Do you know if there’s any significance to the sizes of the phage head and tail besides the fact that they belong to the siphoviridae family?

    1. In my knowledge, there is not much significance in how long the tails were, which are longer than most phage that I’ve seen.

  4. Hi Elijah, great presentation! Is there a difference between lytic and temperate phages when it comes to creating a potential phage treatment?

    1. They both have extensive possibilities, so there is not much of a difference!

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