4 thoughts on “P89 – Frey

  1. Nice presentation! The very last part about using lysogenic phages to sensitize resistant bacteria was especially interesting to me. Are there any other experiments after DNA isolation that you would do on your phage if you had the chance?

    1. Ideally the cluster analysis and restriction digest, as those would be the next steps once the DNA was actually isolated. In addition, in a perfect world where I had unlimited time I would like to do more testing as to why TheSlop was so difficult to isolate DNA from and plate in the first place, as DNA isolation failed 3 times and it took us 5 times to get a good serial dilution plate. It would be nice to know if it was plain human error or if TheSlop has special properties. Probably the former but I am still curious.

    1. Not really. Lysogenic phages are actually used quite a bit less in research due to the fact that they will not be able to be in human treatments, and due to the fact that they can facilitate gene transfer between bacteria. The majority of experiments are done with lytic phages due to their more immediate usage potential.

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