8 thoughts on “P154 – Eyde

  1. I was wondering how you knew, based on that PCR in figure 3, that your phage was in the B1 cluster. What was put in the fourth lane that you saw the band in that confirmed your phage cluster?

    1. Phage are viruses that specifically infect bacteria, they cant infect eukaryotic cells.

  2. What are some things that you learned from your findings that could refine this study/research in the future?

    1. Our B1 phage can be tested to find a bacteria it is able to lyse and possibly act as a cure for infections.

  3. Why do you feel that engineering phages could help with understanding genomic sequencing and how do you feel like this would expand on your research?

    1. Because phages have different ways of infecting bacteria and that can help determine what bacteria it can infect

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