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  1. Could KingUlmo be used in a human as a phage therapy as a vaccine or a similar biotechnology since it stays in the genome and lyses when the bacteria is exposed to unfavorable conditions?

    1. Yes absolutely! Research is being done that modifies the genome of temperate phages so they entirely bypass the process of integration and move directly into replication and lysis. Essentially, temperate phages are being turned into lytic phages.

  2. Could this phage be biologically engineered so that it would be better suited for phage therapy?

    1. Yes! Phages are being modified to bypass integration of its genome into the bacteria and instead moves directly into replication and lysis of the bacteria.

  3. Can bacteria become resistant to bacteria phages, similar to anti-biotics?

    1. No they cannot. Due to the phage “infecting” the bacteria with its genome, there is no way for bacteria to become resistant to it.

  4. Even if we are able to identify all the cancer cells with your phage, do you think that our limited treatments will be a problem in removing the cancer cells?

    1. Possibly. The main purpose of the phage is to see if there is a certain disease within a patient. Once the disease is recognized, other treatments outside of our phage will need to be used to eradicate the disease. With where we are today in cancer research, there may be an issue in getting rid of the cancer throughout the body, but that is outside the scope of phages at this point in time.

  5. Hello! Thanks for making your presentation!
    How can temperate phages be used in phage therapy? in what way can they be used?

    1. Due to temperate phages integrating their genome into the bacteria, it takes longer for the phage to lyse the bacteria. This characteristic isn’t very desirable because the patient can become sicker as the phage is working, but we can modify temperate phages to skip integration of its genome and move directly into replication and lysis of the bacteria.

  6. Is there anything you could improve in your phage to make phage therapy work?

    1. We can modify the phage to skip integration of its DNA into the bacterial genome and move directly into replication of new phages that will then lyse the bacteria.

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