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  1. What was the larger scientific relevance of your study, as in, why is it important to identify novel bacteriophages?

    1. The main point of this study was to see if our phage that we found can be used in phage therapy to help in future medications or help with antibiotics and where hopefully in our future research it can be used against other virus strains.

  2. What is the purpose of assigning a cluster to phages, and what exactly are the A and O clusters you mentioned?

    1. The purpose of assigning cluster to phages is to identify what type of phages they are and to see what similarities or characteristics they share with that identified group or previously characterized group of phage. The A cluster phage is the one that is shaped like a lollipop in figure 3B and O-cluster a common phage that was found throughout my lab which is shaped like corndog phage, figure 3A. They both however belong to the same family phage group known as the sphivodrae phage

  3. How do you know if the DNA degredation was contamination or nucleus residue? How would you differentiate between the two?

    1. *I accidentally hit enter too soon- the comment above named “m” was from Maddy Merritt

    2. Well after doing some more tests on our phage we were able to find that it was contaminated since there was two phages present under the EM pictures. It wasn’t nucleus residue due to the fact that there was enough DNA already there so the plaques were presents

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