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    1. The lytic cycle is the reproduction of viruses with a host cell to create more viruses which than bursts the host of the cell. The lysogenic cycle infects the host cell from inside using the viral genome.

    2. The lytic cycle creates reproduction of viruses with the host cell to make more viruses and the host cell bursts. The lysogenic cycle involves the viral genome infecting the host cell from inside.

  1. You mentioned that Mogimi undergoes the temperate life cycle – what does this mean?

    1. that it is apart of the lysogenic life cycle which makes the phage integrate into the viral genome of the bacterial chromosome.

    1. DNA Isolation helps determine the cluster of our phage when using the enzyme tools online. A PCR test is a Polymerase Chain Reaction test.

    1. We used the first letters of my name and my two lab partners names! Morgan, Gina, and Mia…. Mogimi!

  2. You mentioned the specific morphology of the phage, what does this structure have to do with its function?

  3. The structure of the phage morphology in short length terms depicts which cycle it will enter; if the function of infecting and replicating within the host cell.

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