7 thoughts on “P23 – Woodruff

  1. Are temperate phage as useful as lytic phage when trying to use it for treatment purposes in the future?

    1. Up until recently, strictly lytic phages have been used for phage therapy as their pathways are easier to control and predict. However, temperate phages also have applications in terms of phage therapy, but are used less widely due to their tendency to encode bacterial virulence factors and toxins. Temperate phages definitely come with more complications when treating antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  2. Great presentation! How do you know that the enzymes digested the DNA on the gel plates?

    1. The enzymes are said to have digested the DNA on the gel plates if there are many cuts or bands in the DNA rather than appearing smudged.

    2. The enzymes are said to have digested the DNA if there appears bands in the respective wells rather than smudges.

  3. Given that temperate phages are able to perform horizontal gene transfer and can contribute to the AMR, do you think that they have potential to be used in treatment at all?

    1. Generally they are not considered good candidates for phage therapy because of this reason, but could be used in conjunction with other lytic phages.

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