10 thoughts on “P25 – Rothrock

  1. As far as antibiotic resistance your you explain more why phages are a better alternative?

    1. Phages can be a better alternative for those who are impacted by antibiotic resistance, this is because phage will target only those cells leaving the healthy cells behind, however, due to phage also having a low chance at resistance this can still be an issue.

  2. How would phage therapy be administered? Have there been any treatments that have been successfully administered?

    1. This can be administered through an oral pill, topical cream or even injected, whatever will work best for the treatment needed. A yes, many studies have used phage therapy to help skin bacterium.

  3. Is there a possibility of humans becoming resistant to phages if they were to “replace” antibiotics?

    1. There is no evidence so far considering phage will only target the certain cells they need to infect.

  4. Did the L and A subclusters help determine if the phage was lytic? What does A3 being more prominent than L3 indicate?

    1. It just means there’s closer similarity to other phages but also some characteristics of both sub clusters.

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