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  1. When you were discussing the phage lytic cycle, you mention that the phages inject their viral DNA into the bacteria and they “circularize” and remain so. Can you explain what you mean by circularize?

    1. The DNA circularizes because most bacteria still have protective mechanisms for foreign DNA and circularizing the DNA can help mitigate the risk of degradation compared to linear DNA. Circularized DNA also can integrate with the host nuclear DNA without as much information loss.

    2. The DNA will circularize because it is better able to integrate in the host’s nuclear DNA via single recombination as well as having non-linear DNA is advantageous because the host bacteria still has mechanisms to defend from foreign DNA but circularizing it minimizes this risk.

  2. What further experiments could you do to explore some of the future directions listed on your. poster.

    1. Going forward I would sequence the DNA of JaTyrus so that way I could look for the structural protein making genes, early genes, and integrase genes in the specific arms of the genome to determine whether or not it really is of the A cluster.

  3. What do unfavorable conditions that activate the lytic life cycle look like?

    1. Conditions like high heat, pH, or UV as well as when the host cell has low productivity or nutrients.

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