10 thoughts on “P3 – Zalesky

  1. If you could go back and change one thing from your experiment, what would you like to change?

    1. Great question! I think I would just try to speed up the process a little bit so I could have the chance to preform PCR and test whether my cluster hypothesis was correct.

    1. We would use the cluster A primers in the positive control to see if they hybridize with our phage DNA. If they did, our cluster hypothesis would be proven correct.

    1. Mogimi is the name of our phage. We named it this because it has a little bit of all of our names in it!

  2. Hi, you mentioned that phages can kill the bacterial cells due to the proteins on the tail; what about the phages that do not have a tail? How do they infect the cell?

    1. A phage that doesn’t have a tail can just inject its DNA straight from the head into the bacterial cell, but this isn’t generally an issue as 96% of phage have tails.

    1. The process would be precisely the same but the cluster hypothesis would probably be different due to the differing plaque morphologies.

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