10 thoughts on “P17 – McHugh

  1. What is the significance or relationship between the capsid diameter and the tail length?

    1. To my knowledge right now, it just determines which morphological family it’s apart of. But in general, the capsid holds the viral DNA and the tail is the one that delivers the viral DNA to the baseplate, where it’s released into the cell.

  2. You mentioned that the tails of the phage in your family are not able to contract, does that contribute to them being more or less infective?

  3. Since you concluded that this is a temperate phage, what would you expect to see for the genomic makeup and cluster group?

    1. I’d expect to see a difference in genes, such as being able to identify the integrase gene as it’s only apart of temperate phages. However, I don’t know what cluster it may be.

  4. Would temperate phages have the possibility to be used in therapies, considering they do not enter the lytic life cycle immediately?

  5. You mentioned doing further research once you use quality gel, what would that research look like>?

    1. figuring out the cluster and subcluster from PCR and restriction digest analysis would be the two experiments done immediately after.

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