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  1. I loved your dedication to your work and the clearly presented findings. Your presentation is slightly shorter than the others, what if anything would you choose to incorporate more of if you had the opportunity to research more?

    1. I feel like we just made it to the bare minimum of information about our phage! As I touch on in future directions, I would like to do a PCR or sequencing to then be able to archive my phage. This would just ensure that I knew more about my phage.

  2. I really like how clearly you explained everything! What would your expected outcomes be like if you were to do the PCR?

    1. According to our restriction digest we would assume that our phage would be a Cluster A phage. However, we cannot be sure without a PCR or sequencing. And we also can’t be certain about the subcluster.

    2. Based on our restriction digest we would assume the PCR to confirm that our phage is a cluster A phage.

  3. I found your presentation to be quite informative and enjoyed watching it. One question that I had is if you had any explanation to why you couldn’t make it to sequencing or why your phage did not make it as far as you expected?

    1. Yes! Unfortunately the enrichment of our phage took a little longer than we anticipated, and then our phage ended up being more difficult to isolate than expected. Because of this, we ran out of time in lab to be able to sequence, and even to run a PCR.

  4. Great presentation! If you could go back and refine your methods approach, how would you do so knowing what you now know? You touched on future directions, why do you predict this? What evidence supports?

    1. There were a couple of times that I think we were a little careless. And I think that that would be my biggest critique on my methods. Just being more careful. As for the further directions, a PCR or sequencing are natural next steps knowing what we do about this phage. Our restriction digest would lead to a PCR, to verify the cluster of the DNA.

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