8 thoughts on “P35 – Grannes

  1. Interesting work! I notice that the phage you got pictures of looks like it has a pretty short tail and distinct appearance under electron microscopy. Were you able to conclude which family it most likely belongs to from this information?

    1. I’m not completely sure but my best educated guess would be Myoviridae.

  2. What conclusions are drawn from the gel electrophoresis? What was done is explained, but I’d like to know what it tells us about Phage Scoob.

    1. Scene the gel was not very clear its hard to tell exactly what else is known about the phage but with more testing we could definitely find more out.

  3. Do you think there will be any major differences or side effects when/if tested on humans?

    1. Without really knowing exactly how each and every phage reacts in the human body we can most likely guess that there would be differences and side effects but that doesn’t necessarily mean in a harmful way.

    1. This experiment could be significant in vivo studies because it can help us see what kind of side effects are present and help us get closer to treating humans with the right dosage.

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