8 thoughts on “P20 – Hirschfeld

  1. Great presentation! What does it mean to be a contaminant for a phage? Why would corndog be considered a contaminant, whereas materialgirl is a potential contender for phage therapy?

    1. Our hypothesis is that materialgirl, the phage we isolated was a contaminant that came from something present in the lab room because all other groups seemed to isolate the same phage. We tested our top agar and phage buffer for contamination and found that these were sterile. So, the contaminant somehow infected our agar plates, but it was the only thing that survived in our specific case, so we named it materialgirl.

    1. We used the phage enzyme tools software which predicted this. Additionally, since most other groups had this contaminant, we compared our cut patterns to theirs to predict O cluster.

    1. Phage samples were collected from a soil sample and isolated through enrichment experiments.

    1. I would look to pair this phage with lytic phages because they are more effective in killing bacteria because of the lytic life cycle.

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