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    1. Lysogenic phages are not used in phage therapy due to the fact that when they integrate their DNA into bacterial cells, they can cause those bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics.

  1. Within the broader scope of this research, what effect do you believe this will have on medicine? Do you think it will be something that everyone has access to?

    1. I believe that phage therapy is the forefront of medicine, and eventually (in the far future) I believe it will become accessible to the point where it could potentially replace antibiotic usage.

    1. Plaques represent a single phage particle in the original sample. Furthermore, plaques allow you to quantify the number of virus particles present within the phage. Our phage infected M. Smegmatis bacteria.

  2. In the poster, you mentioned that phages will someday possible replace antibiotics to fight bacterial infections. Would it be more likely or effective to use both phages and antibiotics or not?

    1. Due to the fact that bacteriophage can effect and kill bacteria without any negative effect on human cells, they can be used alone or in combination with antibiotics. Research has shown that bacteriophage is especially effective when combined with antibiotics.

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