6 thoughts on “P24- Fouts

  1. What would performing a PCR test show you about your phage or what information are you still looking for in further research?

    1. Restriction digest and PCR would help us identify the cluster of the phage which would help with future therapies and research! Knowing the cluster allows us to relate our phage to other similar phages which can help find patterns and connect research.

  2. Such a great presentation! What are the clinical applications of your research? How will this research impact potential treatments for bacterial infections?

    1. Our phage could be used clinically in a phage therapy cocktail due to its lytic nature it would be able to target, infect and lyse the antibiotic resistant bacteria. The genome could also be mapped and tested for potential human allergens.

  3. I’d love to hear more specifics about your phage, and how its identity as a lytic phage makes it applicable to be used in treatments against antibiotic-resistant bacteria… would it be worthwhile to continue testing with this specific phage and its morphology?

    1. My phages identity as a lytic phage means that it does not integrate into the host genome, rather it immediately lyses out the cell killing the bacteria. This is useful with antibiotic resistant bacteria because it creates a way to ‘kill’ those bacteria, thus treating previously untreatable diseases. It would be worthwhile to continue testing this phage to identify its cluster so that it could be classified with other phages similar, making it easier to use in a phage cocktail.

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