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    1. Not at this time, more refinement of the DNA then categorization to add it to the Phage library is necessary

  1. Can you explain in more detail how the bacteriophage hijacks and utilizes the host replication machinery in the lytic phase?

    1. The virus DNA is coded with all the machinery to open it up. Once in the bacterium, the DNA is unwound by the bacterial DNA transcription machinery. However, also coded in the virion DNA is all the transcription information to create more machinery, helicases, primases, polymerases,everything needed to make thousands more viral pgRNA which is like mRNA. With bacteria, rna is translated as soon as it is transcribed coming off the DNA. Viral DNA is also replicated then packaged back into new virion and the lytic (lysing) of the bacterial wall occurs.

    1. siphoviridae have an icosahedral head and a long non-contractile tail, as seen in the em picture.

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