8 thoughts on “P25 – Pankratz

    1. During our research we had a lot of issues with bacterial contamination in our phage lysate. We were able to make a high titer lysate, which would be what we are suppose to use to get a titer but EM images determined that our HTL was contaminated. Since it was contaminated and in the interest of the time left in our research period we were not able to calculate the titer of the plaque. If we had more time we would have tried to fully isolate the phage and get rid of the bacterial contamination and then calculate the titer.

  1. Are the two lanes to the left of the ladder in the restriction digest image other restriction enzymes?

    1. The two lanes on the left were bands from another group’s quality control test. We shared our gel with another group who preformed a quality control test. The DNA ladder was administered to the right of the gel and we were not able to cut those bands out without cutting out the DNA ladder. I did not mention these bands since they were not relevant to our experiment and results.

    1. The other products that are on the agarose gel are from another groups quality control gel. We had to the share the gel with another group and since the DNA ladder was placed on the right we were not able to cut out the bands to only include our results. I did not mention these bands because they were not part of our experiments.

    1. Throughout our experiments we had an issue with bacterial contamination in our phage lysates. This was a limitation for us because we were not able to calculate an accurate titer of our phages. A titer would have been useful for achieving the phage into a database. if the phage could have been archived, it would have been a candidate for phage therapy. In the future, we would try to separate the phage from the bacterial contamination which will allow us to have more accurate experiments.

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