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  1. Hello! You mention that in the future you would introduce the phage to many different strains of bacteria in order to test the phage’s potential as an antibiotic. Would you test random strains of bacteria until you found a potential target, or would you go about it differently?

  2. Great poster, results and methodology were easily followed and understood. What is the broader implication of your research in day to day activities and why might this type of research be of importance to a sample population?

  3. Overall great presentation!
    I am wondering how exactly you got the DNA of the phage out of the plates and ended up running it on a gel?

  4. Hi! What exactly is a cluster group and can you make a prediction on where your phage would most likely match based on the data that you have gathered? Why is it also important that the phage is temperate and how can this aid in the phage being able to help fight antibiotic resistance?

  5. Hello! I really enjoyed your poster and presentation– in particular, your poster was very easy to navigate, and I appreciate that this phage can be a potential antibiotic. You mention exposing the phage to different strains of bacteria, but this phage is also present in the current environment– is there a way to determine what kind of bacteria it attacks “in the wild”? Thank you!

  6. Hello! How are you able to define what cluster group the phage is apart of and how will knowing the cluster group be beneficial for using the phage for infection?

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