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  1. Was there a specific reason behind the name Ditsy? Where on campus was the soil sample taken from and why did you choose that location?

    1. There is! We originally wanted to name our phage “Ditto” (like the Pokémon) because we thought it was super cool, and it has ability to reconstitute its cellular structure to change into what it sees. Sadly, this name was already taken so we came across a different spin on Ditto and we found the name Ditsy 🙂

      Our soil sample was actually from Coot Lake located in Longmont, CO (so off campus!). I got the sample from this location because I wanted something unique. It was taken from an area near a tree where there is a lot of foot traffic and animals, so I thought it might provide some interesting results!

  2. Are there other differences between clusters along with the cuts from restriction enzymes? In other words, on what do we characterize the cluster and sub-cluster?

    1. There are other differences you can notice between clusters other than cuts by restriction enzymes! On a genetic level, there are differences you see that can predict what cluster certain phage can be. If you were to sequence (attain the nucleotide sequence of a certain portion of the phage’s genome) the phage genome and annotate it, you can compare the proteins they code for with different phage sequences. If the proteins made are similar between two phages(low e-values!) you can predict that those phage belong to the same cluster/subcluster. This can be done using Phamerator, a program that you can even play around with by yourself!

  3. What do you suppose caused the streaking in your untreated lane of you restriction digest gel?

    1. The streaking from this untreated lane could be due to some degradation of the untreated DNA. However, a quality control gel was done on our DNA to ensure that DNA is high quality. The DNA was confirmed to be high-quality DNA ready to be used in future experiments, but there could still be some slight degradation that can occur. Additionally, there could have been some error with loading the well’s on the gel with our untreated DNA, which could explain some of the streaking.

    1. Hi, I actually got this soil sample off campus! Near a tree from Coot Lake (which is in Longmont, CO), I collected my sample which which led to the isolation of our wonderful phage, Ditsy 🙂

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