9 thoughts on “P27 – Respet

  1. Good presentation! Do you know how the contamination of your phage affected the following results?

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately this was a lab-wide contaminant, and we were unable to determine at which stage our samples may have been initially contaminated.

  2. Good presentation! How detrimentally/how much did the contamination of your phage affect the results you recieved?

  3. where you able to determine any characteristics of the phage you were initially isolating before contamination?

    1. Unfortunately the contamination occurred before any qualitative tests such as PCRs or EM imagery had been done. All that we know is that the initial plaque morphology was lytic .5-.8mm plaques.

  4. Great job. Does the idea that the plaques change size minimize it’s lytic life-cycle or uses for the medical field?

    1. Good question! Thankfully for the results of our experiment, the size of the plaques does not affect these properties, as long as the plaques are still clear, and not turbid/cloudy in nature.

    1. Phage Therapy is primarily used to treat bacterial infections, similar to antibiotics. However, Phage therapy is effective against the growing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria, or those that form tough-to-penetrate biofilms.

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