9 thoughts on “P28 – Gerwien

  1. What do the various clusters indicate and what would an ideal phage for phage therapy look like?

    1. Various cluster indicate similarities in the genome of phage that are in the same cluster. Phage in the same cluster typically have very similar genomes, so they encode for very similar proteins. The second question you have is difficult to answer, but essentially you look for phage that are known to infect the desired bacteria you want to eliminate.

  2. With the PCR, if your phage doesn’t end up being in the O cluster, would any of your interpretations or conclusions change regarding your results or it’s usefulness in application?

    1. We know for a fact that our phage is O cluster, because it is the contaminate phage. The answer is No, because we are certain it is an O cluster phage.

  3. What specifically lets you determine that BALLIE is an O cluster? I kind of got a bit lost there.

    1. The reason we know for a fact that BALLIE is an O cluster phage is that is the contaminate phage that was a problem for the rest of our lab section.

      1. BALLIE is the contaminate phage. We unintentionally ended up just purifying the Contaminate phage

  4. If you were to do another digest set, what kind of clarity would be ideal in providing the most helpful data to you?

    1. Another digest set would provide more information in which to classify BALLIE and possibly identify its subcluster.

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